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Auto Glass

Most residents of Carson and Long Beach, California don't think about finding a quality auto glass service provider until an urgent need arises. If you find yourself in this position, do not settle for the cheapest service provider on the market in order to save a few dollars. When consumers do this, they commonly have issues with the quality of work accomplished by the company and many times get surprised by hidden fees or charges when it is time to pay the bill. If you are looking for a reputable company with more than a decade of proven performance, then you should make Cityline Mobile Auto Glass your number one choice to take care of your automobile glass needs.

Our company has been open for more than 13 years, and we know how to take care of the full range of auto glass repairs. Whether you need a basic windshield repair or a more complex glass replacement, our mobile repair teams are some of the best in the business. We consistently rank in the top of all mobile auto glass repair companies in Southern California, and this is no accident. Our team always puts the customer's needs first, and we invest the time and money into the proper training of our technicians before we turn them loose to work on your automobile. We are your:

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A common question that we get asked by our customer's is how long they can wait to get a cracked or dinged windshield repaired. Our common response, is as soon as possible. With the sometimes wild temperature swings that we see here in Southern California, if you wait even for a day to get that small crack repaired, it can quickly grow into a big one before you know what has happened. Once a crack grows beyond 6-7 inches, it will typically require our technicians to do a full auto glass replacement on your vehicle. Not only will this cost you more money, but instead of a 30 minute repair job, it can take our mobile repair teams upwards of several hours to get the job done. If you find yourself with long standing windshield or other auto glass damage that you have not gotten repaired, then now is the time to seek out assistance with the glass before it gets too late. You can feel free to give our staff a call with any questions that you might have regarding our auto glass repair or window tinting services. We will be more than happy to answer any questions (large or small), and love to talk about the processes that we use to fix your automobile. You will also never have to worry about our team using cheap or imitation materials, as we never want to put your safety at risk. We only use manufacturer approved glass and repair components when working on our customer's autos. This helps ensure your safety, and we want to make you a life-long customer of Cityline Mobile Auto Glass. We look forward to serving you today.

(310) 935-1576