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Window Tinting

Living in Southern California and having your windows tinted goes hand in hand. At Cityline Mobile Auto Glass, our window tinting service is designed to help block harmful UV rays, keep your vehicle from getting extremely too hot while living and working in the Carson and surrounding areas in California, and also helps keep your vehicle’s interior from fading. Our high quality car tints can also help make the glass safer if you are unlucky enough to experience auto glass breakage!

Our tinting experts are well-versed in California tint law unlike some of the fly-by-night services you might find on the Internet or in the local newspaper. We can legally ting your back window and rear side windows as dark as you would like as long as there is a mirror on both sides of the automobile. The front passenger door windows and windshield are required to meet a 70% VLT (visible light transmission) reading after leaving the shop, so we go out of our way to show you how we make sure you meet the requirements of California law!

Additionally, to help you deal with those sometimes annoying California Highway Patrol officers, we provide a certificate of compliance certificate to you to keep in the vehicle in the event you find yourself pulled over being questioned on the tinting level of the vehicle by law enforcement!

Our expert staff makes use of their more than 13 years of experience to ensure you as much benefit as possible out of hiring us to tint your vehicles windows. Getting your windows tinted is the best thing for your leather and from protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV’s when driving. Decide now if keeping your car cool and protecting your arms, chest, hair and upper body is important to you. Studies have shown that people with tinted vehicles claim to have lower temperatures inside their cars. Getting your auto window tint is an inexpensive way to keep your car cool and protect their interior of your vehicle.

Remember, that our on-site work comes with a lifetime guarantee, and you will see immediate cooling benefits in your vehicle after we tint your ride. Before starting work on your vehicle, our staff will partner with you to confirm the difference in pricing options based on what you want to accomplish with our premiere auto window tinting service! Call us today for a free estimate.

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